Poll Result Surprise: Bansko Still Popular

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Bansko still popular in spite of recession it seems… Well that could be the conclusion from the Bansko Blog poll “Will you visit Bansko In Winter 09/10?”.

If we add in the people living here (6%) to those who will either probably or definitely visit Bansko then it makes 85% of blog readers who will probably or definitely visit Bansko this winter.

There is no doubt the recession will have an impact on visitor numbers. Tour companies are braced for this and the number of package holidays will be kept to a level where the supply fits the demand. This will mean that package prices will not be lower than last year .. especially for visitors from the UK.

What I have read recently is that skiers are beginning to consider more and more self catering accommodation and self arranged trips.  There’s no doubt the price of self organised trips are exceptionally good value — even at peak times.

69% saying they are definitely visiting Bansko

10% saying they will probably come to Bansko

6% live in Bansko — I’ll count that as a yes then!

6% say they are unlikely to visit Bansko

9% say no they don’t intend to visit Bansko

I hope that this year well prepared visitors will spend less than last year in Bansko — and get even more value for money. It’s a three step process:

1.  Find A Flight. If coming from afar. Try comparison site Skyscanner and then call Balkania travel: +44(0)207 636 8338 for Bulgaria Air and BA flight deals.

2.  Book accommodation https://banskoblog.com/bansko-accommodation/. We hold accommodation for dates that you are looking for flights for.

3.  Book your Bansko transfer — bus, shuttle, private transfer or hire a car https://banskoblog.com/sofia-transfers/.

4.  Read your Bansko guide — sent free to all subscribers of BanskoBlog

5.  Count your savings — and send me your pictures and comments

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