Hiking In The Pirin: One Fine Weekend

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Pirin is not only known for hosting Bulgaria’a most modern ski resort in Bulgaria, but also for being the steepest mountain of all, with sharp peaks and difficult tracks. Milena Tosheva and her friends and work colleagues, at myhome.bg in Sofia are a bunch of keen mountain and outdoors folks. They kindly sent sent in this account of their recent trip to Bansko. They have also prepared the video which really captures the magic of the mountains so do take a look– nice backing music too… If you wish to contribute (and receive a free promotion) then click on contact form.

Milena says:

“As we warmed up with some nice mountain trips, it was now time to conquer Pirin!

Heading south from Sofia, through Blagoevgrad town and Predela pass, we entered Bansko ski town, standing 165km away from the capital.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, we had a coffee in the centre and were pleasantly surprised that although it was off-season; Bansko still felt very welcoming and vivid. The sun was shining bright and the shops were beginning to open, offering 50% discounts on ski gear.

We parked at Bistrica hotel, 5km above the town and started an exciting forest walk following the picturesque twists of the Demianitsa River. We would often cross man-made wooden bridges, while looking at ourselves in the crystal-clear water or photographing the beautiful waterfalls, Ulenski skok being the highest one.

A two-hour pleasant walk brought us to Demianitsa chalet at 1900 m – old and big, with funny wooden bungalows in the yard. It revealed wonderful vistas to some Pirin peaks - so high and dangerously sheer; a real challenge for mountain climbers.

Demianitsa is a popular starting point for many lakes and high peaks with shelters in the region. We decided to take an easy walk to the Valiavishki lakes and keep our strengths for the next day. Tomorrow’s target was Polejan peak (2850m), raising high in front of us, all dressed in heavy clouds…

It was not long until the rain caught us in the middle of the lakes and we arrived back in the chalet wet to the skin. Warm stove, tea and rum was all that we needed. The hut keepers fired a furnace to dry our soaking shoes…

The morning was fresh and the shoes felt warm, but the peaks were still in grey clouds. Accepting the fact that we won’t be setting our feet on the top this time, we started making plans for September.

The refreshing walk back to Bansko ended up with delicious lunch at a traditional open-door restaurant. Eventually Pirin sent us home with bright sunshine, but still hiding its highest peaks behind a foggy curtain.

Hoping for a gipsy (this means “Indian” for UK/Irish readers) summer this year with lots of sunshine and warm weather

Thank you Milena for your story.

So if you are like Milena, are you looking to come to Bansko on a company trip or with a group of friends — for hiking, or skiing/boarding? Then contact me for a package price for your party, including accommodation by the lift transfers, ski hire and lift passes, if required.


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    Magnificent! What an experience to be able to hike in a place like that. Thanks for sharing.

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