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Bansko Events Guide — coming soon. In the meantime, if you have, or know of, a Bansko Event that you would like to publicise  — or any charity, or fundraising events, in Sofia or elsewhere in Bulgaria, then please contact me.

I offer a FREE article and audio interview: make sure your event is well attended. Check out my recent chat with forthcoming MTB event organisor, James Hughes: [audio:] I  will be featuring this event in full in a few days. But take a listen direct from the man himself of what this is all about.

This mountain bike events is the NUMBER 1 sporting highlights of the Bansko summer: “The Road To Nowhere” MTB event.

Three days of MTB fun “Road To Nowhere” 24th – 26th July. ( for entry)

Pirin Golf events are listed here:

More to follow here soon.

Must get out on my bike now!


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    Have you got an Event you wish to publicise?

    Make sure you receive the widest but most focussed publicity possible.

    Just contact me! cheers Lance

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