Wizz Air 20% Off Sofia Flights: Three Days Only

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Wizz Air

This the Wizz Air 20% off deal launched today, for those of us who didn’t get round to booking flights in the one day offer — which I wrote about on the 19th May, https://banskoblog.com/wizz-air-offer-19-may/, we have a second chance.

Wizz Air fly to a load of destinations in eastern europe: so it well worth checking it out for other places to visit as well as Bulgaria.

One reader, who saw my last 20% off announcement, booked three flights to Sofia paying around £50 return. It really makes a holiday affordable – especially if you have family to pay for.

As always, its best to compare options so do use skyscanner to compare. NOTE: BA and Bulgaria Air take your bags for FREE and you’ll get drinks and food for FREE.

If you are looking for accommodation that is more flexible than anywhere I know. Flexible by length of stay AND day of arrival — then you are in the right place today. Just click here: https://banskoblog.com/bansko-accommodation.

I find that the secret to saving money on your  flights costs is by avoiding Saturday travel. Obviously school holidays have a big impact as well but day of travel often even more so when booking early.

Compare hotel prices via the leading cheap accommodation web site. booking.com. I have estimated before the savings, and they are huge. If you are new to Bansko, then you may be interested that in 2010 we have the Mens Super G World Cup and in 2011 we have the mens downhill! The womens last season here was a huge success and shows how far things have come. But with accommodation from €7 per person per night and living costs the cheapest in Europe, you can afford to come to Bulgaria thre times for every one trip to France.

Summer activities include Jazz Festival in August: details here  https://banskoblog.com/bansko-jazz-fest-2009/  and you may also want to check out Belitsa and the Dancing Bear Sanctuary as this is one of my favourite trips. The views are spectacular and the bears are amazing. Its NOT a museum, FREE entry (but donations encouraged).  Take a look at the kind of bear to be viewed in natural open living spaces:

Finally a little milestone reached today. I recently noticed that the site got its google stamp of approval. It got to a rank of three. This was in very quick time (under four months) and I must thank my mentor, Yaro. His free ebook is well worth reading. It is great for anyone interested in building and optimising either a new, or exisitng, web site. It’s good for a blog style format or regular.

I would also recommend my hosting company, hostgator who are really helpful: as well as being good value. Check them out here https://www.hostgator.com/.

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