Miss Utah’s Laura Kirilova Chukanov Makes Miss USA Runner Up

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Laura Kirilova Chukanov makes Third Runner up in Miss Utah. Kristen Dalton, Miss Carolina, Wins Miss USA. Miss USA annual beauty pageant puts Bulgaria on the map for many folks in the USA.

Am I that bothered about beauty pageants?  Can I comment on Miss USA intelligently? Not at all.

I am sorry but the video I had above for the Top 5 in swimsuits could not be shared due to copy right. Please go search you tube for miss usa swimsuit!

Miss Kirilova; you looked fab in your swimsuit. You should have won the competition against all those blondes. The educational video attached to this post, says a thousand times more things than I can.

Publicity For Bulgaria

But this Miss USA beauty pageant in Las Vegas caught my eye for a reason. I could see that some blog readers might appreciate more info. I know many are already thinking that Bulgaria is a perfect and affordable place to check out in 2009.

Possibly some Jazz Fans may make the trip to Bansko this August for the 2009 Jazz Festival. And even some curious boarders or skiers may include Bansko on their winter tour. If you are thinking of this, then I would be happy to help. Oh and as an incentive, its around a $0.8  for a 500ml (about a pint) of beer in a restaurant or bar in the summer.

Miss USA 2009 Controversy

Looking at Miss Carolina and others in the video, I have to admit the standard was very high.

But why oh why did Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answer the “same sex” question from Perez Hilton, the way she did? I reckon the answer cost her the title. Here it is:

The Miss USA Selection Process

From PR News Wire: “Throughout the two-hour event, the contestants competed in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. During these competitions, the “Top Five” finalists were selected before the crowning. Crystle Stewart, MISS USA 2008, crowned her successor at the conclusion of the two-hour prime time telecast, where Kevin Rudolf performed his enigmatic anthem “Let It Rock” during the swimsuit competition of the telecast.

Rising electro-pop stars, The Veronicas, performed their hit single “Untouched” during the evening gown competition before an estimated worldwide viewing audience of more than 250 million

Miss USA Results

First Runner Up:   Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean will assume the duties of MISS USA 2009 if the titleholder is named MISS UNIVERSE 2009 or for some reason cannot fulfill her duties.

Second Runner Up:    Miss Arizona USA, Alicia-Monique Blanco

Rest of Top Five:        Miss Utah USA, Laura Kirilova Chukanov. Miss Kentucky USA, Maria Elizabeth Montgomery

Rest of Top Ten:          Miss Arkansas USA, Chanley Painter Miss West Virginia USA, Jessi PiersonMiss Tennessee USA, Kristen MotilMiss Texas USA, Brooke Daniels Miss South Carolina USA, Stephanie Smith

Rest of Top Fifteen:   Miss Connecticut USA, Monica Mary Pietrzak Miss Idaho USA, Melissa Weber Miss Georgia USA, Kimberly Gitting, Miss Minnesota USA, Erica Nego, Miss Virginia USA, Maegan Elizabeth Phillips”

Why Bansko Could Be The New Las Vegas Of Europe

But one of my reasons for reporting on Miss USA in Las Vegas, is that I believe Bansko will become a mini Las Vegas in Eastern Europe. This is a resort that has a capacity for around 45,000 people, or more if you include surrounding hotels in the valley.

Whether this is a good thing, many will disagree – but Bansko has the potential to be a hot conference destination in the future. Whatever you think then Miss Laura Kirilova Chukanov would make a worthy Miss Bulgaria, and a contender for Miss Universe. Anyone else agree?

With the women’s downhill event a huge success this year, and the men’s giant slalom world cup downhill in 2011, Bansko will be increasingly seen as a convenient place to hold major events. All at a low cost.

Bulgarian girls are the most beautiful in the world. Great to see this finally being recognised in Miss USA 2009, in the shape of Laura Kirilova!

If you are interested in a business conference in Bulgaria, then contact me for more info.

Please comment with your views on whether this beauty pageant is positive or negative for Bulgaria’s image. Can you foresee major conferences, or indeed beauty pageants, coming to Bulgaria and Bansko in the future?

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3 Responses to “Miss Utah’s Laura Kirilova Chukanov Makes Miss USA Runner Up”

  1. Richard says:

    Lance, as ever your coverage of international events that have key significance for many of us is outstanding and should be aplauded. I for one would visit Bansko more often if similar events were organised. I happened to be in Vegas one year and came across a spectacular event which I hope Bansko could follow suit… here is a link and knowing the wealth of media on offer in Bulgaria I think there could be much to celebrate …https://www.avnawards.com/index.php?center=history.

  2. liz says:

    ”Great slopes, a long sky season, unbeatable prices and beautiful women. You can’t go wrong with that package!”

  3. Lance says:

    thanks Richard,

    Good link and delighted you too agree as to how Bansko should develop. That is certainly an interesting angle.

    It so happens I found, when researching Miss USA, a recent news story about a FORMER Miss USA and TV soap actress, called Kelli McCarty who has shocked her fans by becoming a porn star.

    Kelli’s choice words when asked about her new career move were:

    “I enjoy acting, and I really like sex … so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions.”

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