Will Bulgarian Miss Utah Win Miss USA?

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The Bulgarian born Laura Kirilova Chukanov and current Miss Utah USA 2009,  is a contestant in the Miss USA 2009. But will she win?

You be the judge. Watch the video above and then wait for the competition in Las Vegas in April 19th. It’s quite an entertaining interview. You’ll find out about the young lady herself. And a brief language tip.

Laura Kirilova was born in Sofia on June 5 1986. Laura Kirilova Chukanov and her family immigrated to the US shortly after Bulgaria’s transition to democracy began in 1990.

The Miss Utah 2009 contest website says the family left Bulgaria “when her father’s career in alternative energy research blossomed”.

Laura Kirilova is currently a senior at the University of Utah majoring in International Studies and doing minors in Leadership Studies and Art History. After her year as Miss Utah 2009, she intends pursuing a Masters Degree in Art Management.

Laura has dual American and Bulgarian citizenship. Let’s hope she will find the time to pop to Bulgaria and, hopefully Bansko, before too long.

What do you think about beauty pageant? Could Bansko host one one day? Please comment below.

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  2. madlen says:

    bravo, nai setne bulgarka, gordeia sum ot neia.

    (good job, im proud of you)

  3. Lance says:

    Hi Malden,

    Thank You! Glad you liked reading this. Lance

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