Why Twitter In Bansko?

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Well a twitter in Bansko may be useful. I’m really just finding my way on this. Interested?  Then find me on www.twitter.com/bansko or click on logo above.  But one thing that caught my attention today were top twitterers in the world. I’m now beginning to see its attractions. Such delights as following Britney Spears, Stephen Fry, Al Gore, CNN … Well some attraction.

The growth of twitter seems to be explosive. And celebrities, in particular, are accelerating followers by more than 10,000 people a day. Go to


for the statistics. The ability to bring people close to you. Promote your brand and a more personal approach to promotion is something I think that is here to stay. Actually I think its going to be so huge.

If you want to give it a try, then do follow me and I’ll return the favour.

So for now, the question of Why Twitter In Bansko? This will remain unanswered… until a larger network grows. But even now, I think twitter content has to remain fun. For sure, there is a commercial use that will fast emerge for some businesses. But I see a danger of over promotion and spamming already.

And who needs more spam?

If you have a Bansko business, or property in Bansko, or just want ot get event news then I’ll be putting out some thoughts on these topics, from time to time, on www.twitter.com/bansko and here on banskoblog.com. Most of all, I would hope to join fellow Bansko, ski, property, internet interested folks in their twitters – but primarily for amusement and info.

But is there a useful side to twitter? Yes I think it is already delivering results. The fact is that  no one wants to see too much promotion and selling. Here are my seven top twitter tips:

  • have friendly conversations until people get to know you as someone they can trust.
  • have conversations that go beyond yourself, or your business
  • give info if possible – keep it lighthearted
  • don’t twitter more than once or twice a day. Do we really care if you have just had a cup of tea?
  • retweet – pass on good info
  • post links to your latest blog entries and sales info
  • follow a manageable number of people

Can Twitter Be Useful?

I have found it useful to get some answers to specific questions. So many good folks out there who are only too happy to share. Quite life affirming. For Bansko discussions I am sure twitter can work well to promote your business, apartment, event. It’s increasingly being used on mobile phones – so the power to deliver content without delay is it’s most powerful feature.

By the way, Tweetdeck.com is useful to send and receive twitters and generally to see what twitter members to read.

Facebook addicts will now be pleased there is a twitter gadget, so you can just access the account from Facebook.

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And what do you think of twitter, been using it for long? Any thoughts? Please comment below.

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