What Is The Snow Like Now?

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Tomba, Bansko

The warm weather in Bulgaria has, from Sunday, taken its toll on the snow conditions on the mountain. The picture above I took from the near perfect conditions on Saturday 28th. 

What a difference one day makes. Here’s a short video taken in Sunday’s rain:

At the moment it is not good. Slushy and heavy snow. What a contrast to the previous day’s crystal clear blue skies. Go to Bansko Flickr Group gallery for recent pictures

The resort is quiet. However Monday’s Razlog market was busy and the warm sunshine was pleasant in the square over looking the municipality building.

Stay tuned for a report on the new golf club house. Pictures and video of this coming soon. Be sure to sign up for these.

Tomba, Bansko - March 28th

Looking ahead, temperatures will drop a little but at this stage, I would not like to predict conditions for next week.


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