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John SuttonBansko Tourist Information owner, John Sutton, takes time out today to talk to me about tourism in Bansko.

But he’s realistic on the work that lies ahead. And he argues why Bansko is set to offer every bit as much as the famous French alpine summer mountain resorts, such as Chamonix and Morzine.


Click play for audio interview John, an active snowboarder and mountain biker, is working with partners to offer Bansko summer packages that offer a unique and varied tourist experience. [audio:] Be sure to click play to hear this interview. It was a particular pleasure to chat to John, as his views on the Bansko tourist market are so well informed. They come direct from the daily feedback of tourists. Tourists entering his premises on Pirin street every day. John explains to me how he set about his information business. And how with around 195 suppliers he has contact with, he can point people in the right direction. You’ll hear how the business structure has changed in Bansko from sales to property management and other businesses. Jazz Festival And The Summer Season John shares his views on the “out of ski” and summer seasons. And how he is working hard to bring more visitors to the area from surrounding countries, especially Greece. He also adds a useful reminder on the Jazz Festival, it’s wide variety of music genres outside Jazz. We discuss how lively atmosphere contributes to this annual festival being a special time for residents and visitors alike. John mentions a new event for 2009:  24th to 26th July Bansko Mountain Biking Competition. But Official Jazz Festival dates not yet announced. Expect around 8th to 13th August. Lastly he shares some initiatives for encouraging more summer facilities. Including the opening of the gondola for peak summer season hikers and mountain bikers. What do you think? How will Bansko’s tourism develop? Your comments are welcome. Do please subscribe for more like this. If you run a service or business in Bansko, and would like to discuss an audio or written review then do contactme soon.


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  1. Richard says:

    please provide more info on the mountain biking competetion mention.

  2. Johnny B says:

    Hi Richard, please feel free to visit our website. At the bottom right hand corner you will find the advertising space for the event, just click on it. If you need anything further please feel free to contact direct. JB

  3. Lance says:

    Hi John, thanks this is a great resource.

    I wonder if anyone has taken a helmet cam of the Dead Dog or any of the other routes:

    better get training

  4. Johnny B says:

    No web cams as yet, that would give people an unfair advantage *-) only joking, will speak with James Hughes from the Avalon who is organinsing the event and see what can be done. JB

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