Bansko Ski Is No Turkey

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sevgal in Bansko

How does Bansko compare to Turkish and other resorts? Here’s a personal review from Serap (above right) from Istanbul, Turkey.

[audio:] Be sure to click play to hear this interview.

She chats about her impressions of Bansko, making comparisons with Turkish and other resorts.  We talk about what she liked the most – and the least.

We also ponder over the Visa requirements for Turkish visitors, and how this seems to be affecting tourism in Bulgaria from Turkey. I will be trying to get these views aired with those  interested in promoting Bulgarian tourism. But it seems pretty clear to me now that the Turkish skier for Bulgaria’s ski tourism is an opportunity.

Serap know what she wants. But can Bulgaria and Bansko deliver the ski satisfaction that will bring her back?

[audio:] Be sure to click play to hear this interview.

Bansko SkiFrom their transfer, to their accommodation – hear how their trip went. Find out why this audio was such a real pleasure for me.

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