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Taking A Co-Ordinated Break

Taking A Co-Ordinated Break

Bansko ski fashion report. And this season, see latest the fashion is more than ever in evidence in Bansko.

See Ski Fashion Update

And it’s surprisingly daring.

Some vivid outfits. No expense spared, coordinating outfits like the one above. The ski pants, ski jacket and even the under ski top and helmet all matched.  The lady, a Russian visitor to Bansko, had style. She was on holiday with her husband and children and intends to come back again late April.

I’ll be digging out some ski fashion highlights, and lowlights, later.

But for now, these two ladies outfits are my favourites this season.  The one below also looked amazing. There are some inventive snowboard outfits too.

Fashion changes, and I look forward to seeing some more pictures of readers outfits soon.

The online flickr display will be highlighting better photos in the gallery section soon. But for now, please link to the Bansko Flickr gallery if you wish to share any photos with blog visitors.

What do you think? Your comments are very welcome.

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Ski Fashion, Bansko

Ski Fashion In Bansko


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7 Responses to “Bansko Ski Fashion”

  1. richard says:

    I am curious as to the thermal capabillty of the garments and whether the fabric draws moisture away from the skin like gortex and Marino
    Did the ladies say if they were hot enough and dry as opposed to wet, cold or moist?

  2. Lance says:

    good question: they may look good, but are they practical?

    I was wondering this too, so I asked her. With regard to the pink affair, she mentioned she was hot and dry, and the suit incorporated all cutting edge material technology.

    It’s been pointed out to me that the white ski boots match the white helmet.

    Bansko is not St Moritz – but could it become the St Moritz of Eastern Europe?


  3. Richard says:

    Thank you Lance, that clears up that question. I will be adding those outfits to my Xmas shopping list. Whilst on the subject of high fashion, I did spot an amazing clothing store in Bansko that recently opened over XMAS 2008/9 season. It is Bogner located at Glazne 12B, just down passed the Amigos Bar. See web site.
    It is somewhat expensive but well within your means I suspect. Looking like a better skier than one actually is and more attractive to the opposite sex….Priceless!

  4. Lance says:

    Thanks Richard,

    Yes I agree Bogner is a real quality edition to the clothing scene in Bansko. High End German brand.

    It’s noticeable more and more high end shops open for this season. Somewhat belies it’s budget image Bansko is probably perceived by many to have.

    You’ll also find Beeson, Goldstar and cheaper but high quality, Diel in much evidence in the better shops.

    Choice for those wanting latest fashion us increasing… any comments from the ladies? Lance

  5. Richard says:

    Lance , whilst on the subject of new shops , I would be interested in your experience of the merchandise on offer and the quality of those items that are supplied by the somewhat risque establishment by the skating rink. I as of yet have not had the occasion to enter and purchase anything but would welcome any suggestions on best sellers etc. It sells clothing and battery operated devices for those that seek fun after the pistes have closed.

  6. Pirin Golf Monthly Series: The Winners | Banksoblog says:

    […] …Which reminds me — to remind you — to think about ski outfit bargains now on sale. Here’s some ideas from Bansko’s pistes last season: […]

  7. zak says:

    greeat fashion asesory!

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