Oxygen Bansko Club Goes Valentines

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In this month’s Bansko Blog guide for subscribers, I cover the many night clubs now running in Bansko.

But thank you for “Chico” for contacting me a prompting a little promotion.

Now I like to pull no punches on the cons of Bansko, but reviewing clubs is like training for a marathon. It requires dedication beyond what my constitution can usually offer.

So it’s been a little while since I’ve been inside so today I am going on the many fans of Oxygen. Who tell me it’s still a great club to party and dance your socks off.

While for some Bansko lovers, a club, and its attendant “music”, is nothing short of their image of hell.

But for others it’s what a good night out is all about.

So Give It A Go On Valentine’s Night.

There is no doubt tht Tomasz Przedrymirskiaka “Chico Red” can whip clubbers up into a state of euphoria with his fine grooves. so go and enjoy.  And then comment sometime on this site. When your head is clear!

One visit won’t break the bank, and the interior is what I would describe as… well… quite funky! The flyer here shows the location off the main square.

Oh and welcome to the “new” site… still some time to go to get this sorted – so bear with me. It will be a load better than the last one at www.banskoaccommodation.blogspot.com at this new site will soon be reviewing more  clubs in more detail from those who are better qualified than I am to judge.

Oxygen Club, Bansko

One thing for sure, Oxygen is not an intimidating club and the new powerful bass speakers Chico has just installed should make sure the Valentine Special Deekline Night will be a huge success.

Get there early to be sure you get in.

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