Bansko Ski Conditions

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Bansko ski conditions have been good in the morning but snow has been getting heavy due to the warmer temperatures than expected at this time of the year.

Not the best – and not as good as the Alps this year. 135cm of snow on upper slopes is still fine. Many visitors are reported to be very happy with conditions.

But for so many visitors I am missing the point talking about snow. A mixture of adequate skiing, modern lifts, great nightlife, varied and affordable restaurant scene, spacious accommodation makes Bansko a compelling offering in these economic times.

Bansko is more than the sum of its parts. That’s why more experienced skiers enjoy it more than they should.

Property owners are making an increasing number of our subscribers, and the redesigned website will have an owners area with free sample contract download. This will be sent to all subscribers in a few weeks.

Advance warning for owners.

The new web site will have a rental section with a difference.

Back to the pistes…Too many runs are closed in preparation for events. If I was choosing a time to go to Bansko – then I suggest leaving it until around 7th March. Oh for the curse of school holidays!

Bansko is a resort under construction, and like everywhere in the world there are huge environmental assessments to be made before extending the ski terrain. I reckon they will get there with more lifts – but this is a decision that goes way beyond local government decision making.

For now, its an affordable resort to visit. Nirvana will never exist – but there this year reports are more upbeat than last year. Great boarding and skiing to be had – on a nice and new lift system on some truly satisfying terrain. And no longer quite the building site of last year.

Probably the most demanding of clinets are the regulars, the owners and those with vested interests. We all wish Bansko well. But this is the place where I say how I see it. My view changes but most of all the desire is to get the best value, Tomorrow I will give pass on a tip in the Banso guide for subscribers. This tip has just saved a reader a whole load of cash. Stayed tuned. Best of all join the Bankso Blog and receive regular updates. Visitor, resident and property owner alike I welcome your comments.

If you want the best snow right now – then head for the Alps. Lift pass price is more but often you get four times the mount of ski piste. Like a party, got a family to pay for, on a tight budget. Then why not give Bansko a try this year?

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