The BanskoBlog Photo And Video Competition

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The Bansko Blog photo and video competition is now open.

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The Bansko Blog photo competition is now open. On 1st April 2009 the nominations the top 10 photos and top 3 videos will be put forward to the final Bansko Blog Winter Photo Competition Prize – 2009.

The winner will be decided by a panel of judges selected from Blog subscribers.

Your photos and /or videos can be from anywhere in the Razlog valley and can be manipulated, enhanced, photoshopped etc.

The winner is the photo with most votes and will receive a free Bansko Blog T shirt. The winning video will also receive a Bansko Blog T shirt.

The top 10 entrants must agree for their photo and top 3 Video entrants to be published on my web site.

Your photos and videos could have been taken at any time in the past 5 years.

So post your photos and video to this group and thank you in advance for taking part. I am sure we will all enjoy looking at the entrants

Thank You, Lance

PS: None of my pictures can win, of course.

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