Alberto Tomba and Balkaniada Shut Due To World Cup

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Rain and above freezing temperatures come to Bansko.

Temperatures will drop this week but ski and board visitors may be a little disappointed to see some of the best runs, nine and four closed until end of February.

I maintain that the month of March from around the 5th or so, is a great time to come out to Bansko. Most runs will be open – assuming temperatures remain low.

There is no doubt that whilst the Alps have had the best year for probably fifteen years, Bansko is having an average year so far.

But we all know that weather changes and my bet is that, as almost always, Bansko sees some perfect snow conditions during the months of March and April.

Budget conscious skiers are discovering the joys of Bansko. But, and I don’t want to preach, I’m still hearing many tales of both regulars and new visitors alike getting ripped off.

A quick thank you to all subscribers for their feedback to the survey. Already the plans have changed and that is a a good thing.

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