Euro Pound Rate: Fix Your Bansko Holiday In UK Pounds Now

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More accommodation enquiries.  Romanians, Greek, Serbian and Turkish winters sports enthusiasts are seeing that there’s a great deal to be had in Bulgaria right now.

The question was the same. “Your prices are in UK Pounds, can I freeze the euro price now?” The answer was the same: Yes you can fix now and secure your exchange rate benefit. Freeze accommodation price now. Whilst it lasts.

  • €12 per person per night here
  • Goldman Sachs are predicting €1=£0.8 in a matter of WEEKS.
  • The UK pound has strengthened to €1 = £88.7 (or 1.125 euros = £1 )
  • No euro pound parity!
  • UK is not the only sick man of europe.
  • With currencies there’s always one winner and one loser.
  • If you are outside the UK. book your accommodation with me TODAY
  • great snow in Bansko – come and bring your friends too.


We take euros and we fix your booking in EUROS on reservation for ALL non UK guests!

If you have UK pounds, then Bulgaria is getting cheaper (not that its expensive, or anything).

BUT here’s the thing Bansko and Bulgaria will probably get even more affordable very soon IF the pound strengthens further against the euros (the local LEV is pegged to the Euro).

Please contact me for a deal on ODD DAYS, WEEKENDS. Two NIGHT STAYS FROM JUST €29 for two people!

TIP: When changing money to Levs in Bansko use the proper Bansko. Rates are very poor from the small booths around the town and close to the lift.

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