Pirila Hotel For Local Bulgarian Experience And More

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Today’s review is of the very special Pirila Hotel. The audio interview is with co owner Dave. Listen to his personal story including why they picked this very special location in Dolno Draglishte, 15 minutes from Bansko.

Audio Summary

The Pirila Hotel must be good as this is where David and Hazel have hosted the majors of Bansko and Razlog have held their parties! Listen here so find out why:

So do listen to the audio and let me know what you think. (Please turn volume up, as its a little quiet at times)

Dave talks about living in Bulgaria, the rare mountain goats, fishing, local village life, traditions and their Friday and Saturday nights dancing.

He outlines his eight bedroom hotel, all with ensuite bathrooms, two of which are family rooms, their new swimming pool. Food wise go for traditional Bulgarian or on special order for special steaks, ribs, pasta, Chinese and Indian dishes. Dave asks for just 48 hours notice.

Listen to end of the recording for the amusing true story of a visiting fisherman, rakia, a mistaken bar and a local writer.
Most of all, David and Hazel show a great example of determination and generosity and you’ll understand why the locals have taken them to heart.

Local prices (1.5 lev for a beer) and local atmosphere make this a place to either stay or visit when you are in Bansko.

Contact Details:

Sedma Str. Dolno Draglishte Razlog 359 886110971 (English speaking) Bulgaria 359 885199268 (Bulgarian speaking)
dave@pirilahotel.com. UK Tel: 00441282 869657

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