How To Profit From The Pound vs Euro Collapse

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You just can’t escape it these days, everywhere you turn the talking heads on the TV, radio, newspaper and internet are all jostling for your attention in order to sell you the latest financial doomsday scenario.
And if you aren’t careful, you’ll get swept away by the media’s hysterics.

Such events open up opportunities for us to get what we want for less. Read on for why:

The collapse in value of stirling agains the euro.

For people earning in stirling then this collapse could be bad news and will add over 20% to the cost of a holiday. However, your room costs don’t go up one penny when you book accommodation direct with the owner.

An owner who advertises in GB Pounds. Like we have on this site.

If you are outside the UK, then you have just bagged a huge 20% saving over booking in euros (or Levs) by booking direct with a UK owner who advertises in GB Pounds and who has NOT increased their prices.

So my advice is to make your skiing accommodation costs cheaper than last season.

Check out accommodation links here:

alternatively just send me an email to lancenelson1 at (@sign)

remember best options for transfer are here:


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