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With all this doom and gloom in the news today I thought it would be more in keeping to focus on the Happy End Bar.

This review conducted during my many visits last ski season.

The Happy End is the largest apres ski bar in Bansko. Its unmissable being situated virtually facing the gondola across the car park entrance road. A bizarre man in a chair lift dangles from a pole by the entrance.

Situated just 100 metres from Mountain Residence 3, and close to Bansko Royal Towers, Grand Montana and others its convenient for many staying near the gondola end of town.

Why The Happy End?

The good points start with its convenience, and nice wooden tables with lights on a weight and pulley counterbalance system that’s sure to keep the kid in us amused for a minute or two as you play moving them up and down. Overall, a nice alpine and rustic vibe greets you.

Go there for apres ski drink but, unless you are not too fussed about food, probably best not to eat here. Although of course standard may improve in 08/09 season. The sache (mixed grill) is just ok but much better for less can be found.

Live Music

Best of all, however, are the Friday and Saturday night live bands. I have not been here when the band has not managed to get the placing rockin‘. Mainly covers and a tendency to rock / popular. think Amy Winehouse, Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robbie Williams classics.

There are usually two or three bands that cover the whole ski season. The standard of musicianship was commented upon as being very high by my friend John, a professional guitarist friend.

Before the band, interval and after the sets, there is a DJ to keep things going.


Service is reported to be variable. Just best to have your wits about you, but I’ve always been OK.

Needless to say prices are high for Bulgaria here – around 6 Lev (£2.80) for a large beer. Bad points, well service can be average or worse, food is poor

You’ll see both female and male cage dancers add to the visual treat, as well as a huge screen showing some stunning snowboard, skiing, speed paragliding and general extreme sports videos.

The male toilets always provoke comment with the interesting photographic murals above the urinals.

I have messed with the picture here, so as not to cause offence!

Overall Rating

Overall rating of the Happy End… on a Friday and Saturday night: 9/10. Other times 5/10.

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UPDATE: Live band at 4.30pm makes this a livelier place to meet after coming down the snow road. Otehr options include Harry’s Bar (at the Kandahar) Euphoria Bar & Grill, Penguins, Pirin 75, Lions Pub, The Terrace at Mall Bansko.

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  1. Дървосекачът says:

    Hi Lance,
    just heard that on Dec/14/2013 10am it is gonna be A Sax Max Party (for the Season Grand Opening)

    => How about to Boost with a Global online webcast in real time ?

  2. Mert Yelekci says:

    Bartenders are extremely rude. I had an argument with one of them because I requested to pay with credit card. He attacked me with an empty bottle of scotch. There is no management to talked to. The place is left to the bartenders and waiters and they are bullying on the customers. Be careful when you get there.

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