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I had heard a lot about the Bansko Royal Towers development during construction. I have been watching its progress over the last few years as its close to my own Mountain Residence 3 apartment – so therefore I was very pleased that the development sponsored the recent Bansko Jazz Festival 2008.

So the Jazz Fest Stage B was well positioned on a slope above the pool and the natural amphitheater helped create good sound and plenty of room for visitors to soak up the late afternoon sunshine, Top it off I was there to enjoy the jazzy chill out sounds of Mind Trips and the audience favourite, Ya Ya Band. All in all, it was the perfect time to review Bansko Royal Towers or BRT to its enthusiastic owners.

Checking out the bar in readiness to soak up the Jazz Fest atmosphere revealed very enthusiastic and brisk drinks service. My immediate thoughts were, must come back to use the facilities and, come winter, imagine an apres ski drink on the deck with views to the south and the Pirin range after the days exertions on the piste.

Bansko Royal Towers is just a short walk over the river Glazne and, as the large building comes into view, immediately one is struck that this development has more space than most. It avoids the mutro baroque style architecture, which afflicts some developments in Bansko.

Noteworthy is a useful childrens’ grassed play area and a swimming pool to one side of the green area in the central U shape. The pool was at least 24 degrees and again the pool service brgought the obligotry drinks quickly and with a smile. Bravo!

Time for a snoop around, and chatting to some owners made my way to their ground floor apartment. Wow, I think I experienced one of the best ground floor units in Bansko. It had all the convenience ground floor provides but with top floor views.

In my opinion, both investors and renters often underestimate that ground floor is perfect for those, like me, who don’t care much for lifts and of course are ideal for the less mobile and those with children. For skiers it often means you are another 50 metres closer to the lift!

The one bedroom apartment I viewed was spacious and was very well finished with good bathroom fitings. I could not see anything to complain about… snagging here must have been done well.

Moving down to the the spa saw a friendly Spa receptionist and the indoor pool The swimming pool was small but big enough and the jacuzzi looked particularly inviting. There was plenty of natural light and the overall feel was that this was a great apartment building for all year round visits and good for those who like their apartments with all the services, bars and restaurants you would expect of a quality four star hotel.

So the O2 nightclub will be interesting this season and, as a cheaper alternative to the Kempinski, the spa is well worth a visit. If you book your holiday here, I am sure you will be very pleased with your choice.

Criticisms, none really… oh if I was nit picking I could be forced to concede that the drinks were a little more expensive than some. Did not sample the food but, for some, the nod towards UK tastes on the bar menu may be considered a good thing. Summary: 9.5 out of 10.


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