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Sorry to disappoint you, but the Bansko apartment to rent, 30 metres from the gondola, does not exist and never will.

The only time you’ll get within 50meters of the gondola entrance is by staying at the Kempinski Grand Arena (about 45 metres) – from ski store door to gondola.

Metres from lift is now easy to verify, you simply go into Google earth and use the ruler function at the top. For many rental apartments you cannot walk as the bird flies, so you will have to add up the distances for each straight stretch you actually can walk – if you want to be really certain!

I make this point because the distance exaggerations are huge. Its happened to me in a resort in France, I arrived at a hotel with the unwelcome surprise that the advertised 400 metres is a 1,000 or more metres. As I wanted a comfortable stroll to the lift, I was disappointed.

Most Bansko owners, as well as past visitors, reading this will have come across this issue. One Bansko hotel, called villa Roka, was advertised on a web site as being 550 metres from lift. Its not, its 1,500 metres from lift down near the traffic lights.

So my post today is to expose the untruths about distances from the gondola but also to confess to my own innacuracy. a quick measure for Pirin Mounain Reesidence sees its a 270 metre walking distance.

In part, the reason that there are so many errors, is that the distance to lift is one of those things that once others set the standard. Then ohers feel as if you have to copy it. To be fair, these inaccuracies were often started by the developer when putting the original property details together for the development sales.

We can excuse the 30 metre margin for error, but not over 60 metres which is the quite normal, and often a lot more. I could even possibly excuse the “mistakes” if the measure was “as the crow flies” distance, or even to the car park of the gondola, but not when we see so much variation from the reality.

For some skiiers/boarders who dont want to take a bus, their Bansko accommodation must be less than a five minute gentle walk to the gondola. Why not type Bansko into Google earth and identify the building? You will see many are marked with their development names or photo links. If not, ask the owner or rental agency to identify your Bansko apartment for you.

My final word is for a campaign for a definition of distance for Bansko apartments quoting “metres from gondola”. Comments from renters and owners on what constitutes a fair definition would be very welcome.



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