Summer Is Here

Jun 14, 2016 No Comments

After a hot April and a wetter than normal May and early June, its all change for Bansko weather. From Thursday 16th June temperatures of 29 C — then up to 33 C on Friday and remaining hot until at least Friday 24th June. These temperatures will make for some great hiking and of course [...]

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Fresh Snow Falling For Easter

Mar 27, 2016 No Comments

A whole week of good ski conditions will continue this week. March is a legendary time her win Bansko, and I only wish that more places would have the confidence to remain open. Because I know that more and more of you prefer to come late season. I prefer it now, the day’s are light [...]

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Easter Skiing Snow And Après Ski Forecast

Mar 22, 2016 No Comments

Bansko for Western Easter (rather than Eastern Orthodox Easter (see this wikipedia linkis nearly upon us. But before I talk about the forecast, I can report that the last two weeks snow conditions have been tremendous. Fresh snowfalls meant great of piste days and cooler temperature and sunshine lead to especially enjoyable days on the [...]

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End of Season 2015/16 Lift Pass Prices

Mar 15, 2016 No Comments

New Bansko lift pass prices announced by Bansko lift company, Ulen, valid from today until end of the ski 2015/16 season. A surprise announcement. Adults          Students   Children 7-12 years  Children <7 years 1 day        46 BGN       42 BGN        32 BGN     [...]

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Snow And Après Ski Round Up

Mar 14, 2016 No Comments

Bansko snow has hit a high point this week. The snow fell and we’re all happy. I enjoyed some very nice turns in the fresh powder. Watch the video below — as it’s the best way to get a feel for the powder conditions. The snow road is shut. The super wide Dynastars, part of [...]

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The Snow Continues To Fall

Mar 10, 2016 No Comments

Another great morning on the slopes above Bansko. Lots of nice off piste sections and whilst visibility was compromised, the joy of making turns in soft snow made up for it. The snow is a little heavy due to temperature that are only just at zero degrees. Here’s my video report from run number 10. [...]

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Getting Colder Snow Arriving Soon

Mar 07, 2016 No Comments

Weather, oh weather. It is so complex and changeable and difficult to predict reliably that it can frustrate. Here’s the thing, weather can only be forecast with 85% probability of being correct for THREE days ahead, yes 3 days! All these apps, including my own in-app weather widget, are based off algorithms that and computers [...]

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